Sept. 18, 2012: Muslim & Arab Uprisings, post WW2

With the rise of the Cold War, America’s engagement with the Muslim world was viewed mostly through the same lens it used for the entire globe: American competition with the Soviet Union and “world Communism”.  From 1953-56, Iran and Egypt were the two most significant Muslim nations that fell into this Cold War competition.  Prof. Sullivan will discuss America’s overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Dr. Mohammed Mossadeqh, and the “saving” of President Gamal Abdel-Nasser from Israeli-British-French aggression in 1956.  Rami Khouri will explore how the 1970s and 1980s were a transitional period in the Cold War.


  1. Patrick Tyler, chapter 1 (“A World Of Trouble Arab Awakening”, pp. 19-63)
  2. David Painter,The US and Mossadegh 1951-1953
  3. Rami Khouri, A Bad Week of Criminals & Clashing Cultures
  4. Adam Baron, Yemen Inflamed (The Nation)
  5. Khairat al-Shater (Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt),‘Our Condolences,’ the Muslim Brotherhood Says – NYTimes

Recommended videos:

History of Iran, 1953 – 1979 – ?: (Living in Tehrangeles, 2006)


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