RESCHEDULED to NOV. 6: Rami Khouri, “From Dictatorships and ‘Security Regimes’ to People Power, Good Governance, and the Rights of Citizens”


  1. The Arab Spring Still Bloomsby Moncef Marzouki
  2. Fear and Loathing in the Emiratesby Christopher Davidson
  3. All the King’s Islamistsby Maati Monjib
  4. This Is Not a Revolutionby Hussein Agha & Robert Malley
  5. Kuwait Youth Emerge as a Force in Protests Against the Stateby Rima Baghdadi
  6. Libya’s Constitutional Twilight, by Carmen Geha & Gilbert Doumit
  7. Kuwait Enters an Uncertain and More Violent Era, by David Roberts
  8. Egypt’s Constituent Assembly: Contempt and Counterrevolution, by Paul Sedra
  9. A Boiling Kettle:Kuwait’s Escalating Political Crisis, by Fahed Al-Sumait
  10. The Arab Spring and the Balance of Power in the Middle East, by Kayhan Barzegar

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