November 13, 2012: Hearts and Minds: U.S. Engagement with Iran and Afghanistan


Dr. Kimberly Jones- Afghanistan and the U.S.: the Hearts and Minds in Context – background to the current conflict; key challenges faced, including the interconnections between militants, governance, corruption, drug trafficking, and, perhaps, US violations of human rights and humanitarian law.  


Dr. Lauren Brodsky- American broadcasting efforts in Iran during the 2009 elections: Overview of public diplomacy, American international broadcasters (organizations and their goals); reporting during the Iranian election of 2009:  “Winning hearts and minds,” promoting democracy, communicating with the Iranian audience, amplifying the message of the Green Movement?


  1. Tom Woods, U.S. Still Needs Radio for Public Diplomacy in the Internet Age
  2. Philip Seib, In the Middle East, a Tipping Point for U.S. Public Diplomacy
  3. David HoffmanBeyond Public Diplomacy
  4. Andrew ExumHearts and Minds in Afghanistan: Explaining the Absence of Victory
  5. Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix KuehnSeparating the Taliban from al-Qaeda: The Core of Success in Afghanistan

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